Hi, metal friends. Sorry, but I took this week off. I haven’t really taken a break from the site in almost a year, and it’s a one-person operation, so I needed to recharge a bit. Things should pick back up on Monday, May 14, 2018.

Metal Trivia Podcast #29

Sure Seth, make a podcast everyday! It’ll be fun! Actually, it’s a hoot, because these episodes are so bite-size and light. You can also save them for the weekend, right? And it won’t take you fours to catch up, because that’s the point!

Hopefully you like the intro music from Diatriba (linked below), and maybe you know the answer to the Dream Theater metal trivia.

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Metal Trivia Podcast #28

How to stump your metal trivia podcast guest? Ask them about an album from the year they were born. And I swear, I don’t want to stump anyone!

As you’ll discover from the story she tells, Lisette Voytko (@lisettevoytko on Twitter) is a total champ and an inspiration to the world. I am totally here for stories about open heart surgery and fencing!

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