RIP 2011-2018


I posted metal trivia on Twitter from 2011 to 2018.I used to post three questions per day, but then switched to once a day, and posted twice just so people in other time zones would see it.People replied with their answers throughout the day.At some point I sent out a newsletter every night with the answers.

Questions looked like this on Twitter. I numbered all the questions I posted, so this question was #2008.I also had a Patreon, and supporters could sponsor questions, as you can see below.

This was from 2017. As you can tell I started to take liberties and added silly photos of myself to the images used. By this time I was posting to Instagram, too.

"After doing the “blog thing” from 2001 to 2011, jumping back into more blogging wasn’t something I wanted to do. Without a writer budget, and because I didn’t feel like writing 500 word posts anymore, I figured Tweeting nerdy metal trivia would be easier. I could research and write five questions a week, schedule them, reply when people answer, and see where it went.I also felt way back in 2011 that – wow – lots of people are staring at their phones, aren’t they? Maybe there’s something to this whole “mobile thing.“ I wanted to make something right where the reader was – looking at a Tweet. They didn’t have to click to read more, they could just reply, and I loved that thought."From an interview I did with Haulix back in 2014. Read more here

Me and Jon Petkau made a silly podcast and called it Metal Minute.The full archive is available here on Soundcloud.

It's been a few years, so if you have a story, some images, screenshots, or anything else, please reach out and I'll try to get them on this website.Get in touch:

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