2409: Exciter

2409: Cyndi Lauper has ‘Time After Time,’ but Exciter had ‘(blank) after (blank).’

A. Well actually, the photo I used was from the wrong era of the speed metal forbearers Exciter, because for this particular album the band was once again a three-piece. Oops!

Either way, the album was ‘Kill after Kill,’ recorded AFTER they parted ways with vocalist Rob Malnati and singing duties were once again with drummer Dan Beehler – a rarity in those days and today!

This album also saw the return of guitarist John Ricci, who left in 1985 after their ‘Feel the Knife’ EP came out.

Tthe band got back together in 2014 with their original line up, and recently played the 70,000 Tons of Metal back in March. As for a new album? Not just yet.

“We started to write when we reunited in 2014 but the songs haven’t developed,” said guitarist John Ricci in a 2017 interview with The Metal Crypt, “They sound good, they sound like classic Exciter, but we’re not a full-time band.”

Though no longer a full-time band, they’re still a force on the stage, playing material from decades gone by with the ferocity of the young guns they once were.

“On certain screams, like ‘Evil Sinner,’ my body is drumming and there’s just no oxygen left,” he told Noisey back in 2015, “when I get to the point where I black out, I kind of back off the scream to come out of it. Magically, my body keeps drumming. I don’t know how that happens.”

Listen to me talking about this question and the song ‘Evil Sinner’ below!

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