2411: MOMENT OF METAL #274

2411: MOMENT OF METAL #274: What band is this mystery person talking about in this Headbanger’s Ball interview?

That was Max Cavalera of Sepultura, from an old interview with MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball in “maybe October 1989.”

Sepultura got started in 1984 (according to Max, in the video above), in Brazil, put out some amazing records in the early 90s, including ‘Roots’ in 1996.

But Max would leave the band the same year. Bonkers, right? Well, Eduardo Rivadavia explains the whole situation over at AllMusic.

“Just hours before taking the stage at England’s Monsters of Rock festival, the band discovered that the teenage son of manager (and singer Max’s wife) Gloria had been killed in a car accident. A shocked Sepultura took the stage as a trio while Max and Gloria boarded the first plane back to America. Only a few months later, the band confronted Max about severing ties with Gloria and finding new management. Still recovering from the recent trauma of a death in his extended family, Max viewed this as a huge betrayal and left the band amid much bad blood and acrimony.”

Max has not rested a minute since: he formed Soulfly, then Cavalera Conspiracy(with his brother Igor), and Killer Be Killed (with Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan, Troy Sanders  of Mastodon, and drummer Ben Koller from Converge, Mutoid Man)

Sepultura has released eight studio albums since, with ‘Machine Messiah’ coming out in 2017.

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