2413: Yvette Young

2413: Yvette Young plays guitar in what “earnestly wanting” band?

A. That three piece band is called Covet, and they play some super quirky and not overtly metal tunes, but I think anyone who appreciates Animals As Leaders and that sort of instrumental noodling will probably like ’em.

Yvette has some of the smoothing tapping I’ve heard in awhile, something she developed by playing another instrument entirely.

“I think I just started playing that way because I grew up playing classical piano, and two-handed tapping on a fretboard is kind of like how I play the piano,” she told Sound Review in this un-dated interview (come on websites, time stamps are IMPORTANT), I view the lower strings as my left hand and the upper strings are my right hand. I basically try to harmonize right hand melodies with implied “bass line” parts with my left hand, hence me using open tunings a bunch.”

We see plenty of flashy guitar players, sure, but Yvette stresses simplicity in an interview with She Shreds Magazine: “A song doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. You can write a great song with just a few notes, and any good song needs simpleness too.”

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