2415: What LA metal band…

2415: ‘Alone Again,’ ‘Burning Like A Flame,’ and ‘In My Dreams’ are three Billboard Hot 100 songs by what LA metal band?

A. That band is the mighty Dokken, who were among the five bands nominated for the very first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1990 (Metallica won with ‘One’ from ‘And Justice for All’).

Dokken sold a lot of records, even did the theme song for 1987’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.’ They were riding high, right?

Well, while out on tour things were rough. Vocalist Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch were at each other’s throats (very literally), and there was all the drugs and partying.

“Mick (Brown, drummer) and George and Jeff (Pilson, bassist) had a bond,” said Don Dokken in a 2015 interview with Classic Rock, “and that was drugs. The three of them would get an ounce of coke and go off and do their thing.”

Remember that Grammy win by Metallica? Well, that was a long time coming, as Dokken’s wheels had been falling off for years.

In 1988 Dokken was out on the road on the “Monsters Of Rock” tour which Van Halen headlined. They were playing right before the Scorpions, and ahead of Metallica and Kingdom Come.

“Oh, man,” Dokken groans. “After Metallica went out and played Master Of Puppets, we sounded like the fucking Partridge Family.

He asked Cliff Burnstein, co-manager of both bands, if the two bands could swap places. “I told him: ‘I know we’re making twice the money as Metallica, but can you please put ’em on after us, because they’re killing us?” Burnstein said no.

Dokken’s humiliation was complete following a show in New York. “There was this huge review in the New York Times,” Dokken recalls. “It said that Van Halen kicked ass, the Scorpions were super-amazing, Metallica are the new upstarts just breaking out in America, Kingdom Come was good… and there was just one line about us. It said: ‘During Dokken’s set a record number of hotdogs were sold.’ It was horrible.

From ‘Dokken: The Hair Metal Band That Hated Itself

The band broke up later that year. Dokken put out two solo albums, and George Lynch formed Lynch Mob, and Jeff Pilson went on to play in Foreigner.

Hell froze over, of course, which is the usual occurrence for classic bands when offered lots of money to reunite. They got back together for a tour in Japan in 2016, and played one show in the US, I think. They’ve also managed to put out a brand new video (below), but the next record will be without Lynch and Pilson.

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