2421: MOMENT OF METAL #276

2421: MOMENT OF METAL #276 – can you name the person that is speaking in this video?

That’s the late Chuck Schuldiner, from a 1991 interview talking about the origins of death metal (you can watch the full clip here). Sadly he would pass away 10 years later, on December 13, 2001.

This interview looks to be from late 1991, and a “promotional tour” in Europe, so it must’ve been right before ‘Human’ came out. That also means this is after he fired his bandmates for going on tour without him.

“The European tour was only two weeks away and Chuck decided to cancel it for personal reasons. Andrews and Butler decided to do it no matter what, they took on Walter Trachsler (soundman on the preceding US DEATH tour and ex – Texas ROTTING CORPSE member) as guitarist and Louie Carrisalez (ex-ROTTING CORPSE, DEVASTATION) as vocalist and played under the name of DEATH for the long European tour where they supported KREATOR.”
Source: Death TR/BR

This ushered in the ‘Human’ line-up which, ooph, is the all-star line-up of death metal line-ups: drummer Sean Reinert, guitarist Paul Masvidal – both of Cynic, and bassist Steve DiGiorgio of Sadus.

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