2422: Edsel Dope…

2422: Edsel Dope is the lone founding member of this four letter band from NYC.

A. Dope just won’t quit. They can’t quit! Well, Edsel Dope can’t. It’s not in his blood.

Instead of playing shows for a few people at a time and building an audience, Dope spent time in the practice space and the studio, honing their sound and songs. When they weren’t doing that, they were hustling hard!

“Every time Rob Zombie would come to town or Nine Inch Nails or KORN or any band that I thought the kids would like our music, we took every dime we had and made flyers and cassette tapes to hand out at these shows,” said Edsel Dope in a 2005 interview with Epiphone, “Five hundred kids would be in line and we made sure that all of them got a free Dope tape. As a result of all of this, the first show that Dope ever played was sold out with a line of kids down the block waiting to get in.”

Say what you will about the band who found themselves mired in the soup of nu-metal back in the late 90s, the band has Edsel Dope has six full-length albums to his name, and he’ll be releasing ‘Blood Money Part 2’ later this year.

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