2424: Before ‘The Sciences…’

2424: Before ‘The Sciences’ came what LP?

A. I was looking for Sleeps’ ‘Dopesmoker,’ as this week every damn answer involved the word “dope,” but I would have accepted ‘Jerusalem,’ too, even though technically it’s not the same. But come on, dudes it doesn’t matter, as you can tell from this amazing quote below.

“When we started writing it, me, Al and Chris were a little younger,” said Matt Pike in a 2017 interview with Noisey, “We’d signed to a major label, and they wanted short tracks and shit they can put on the radio. We weren’t really feeling that. We were smoking a lot of weed. Me and Al were dropping acid and doing all sorts of weird shit. We wanted to do something pretty epic that would stand the test of time and stuff that people would talk about for the next however many years. We wanted to do a symphony of complete stoner riffs.”

Well, it was as long as a symphony, that’s for sure (it was over 60 minutes).

Sleep just released, ‘The Sciences’ last week, on 4/20 of course. Let me know what you think of it.

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