2425: ‘Transcanadian Anger’

2425: What band is releasing ‘Transcanadian Anger’ in May of this year?

A. That’s totally Dopethrone, who’ve been working on this album since 2016.

“We are now working on the fifth album,” said someone from the band in this 2016 interview with Metalheads Forever Magazine, “we did a lot of touring in the last four months and I think it will serve us well in all the process of recording the next album. Like I said we will try to demo stuff this time around to make sure we’re 100% ready when it’s time to record the next one. We already have ideas and lyrics and even samples.”

The Canaidan band has been around since 2008, with four studio albums to their name, the most recent being ‘Hochelaga’ [Bandcamp] in 2015.

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