2427: CAT METAL – AC/DCs ‘Back In Black’

2427: CAT METAL: A devil kitty that listens to AC/DCs ‘Back In Black’ might have these evil noise makers on their collar.

Kitty belongs to @MetalShayne2000

A “devil kitty” might be wearing some HELLS BELLS on their collar, the opening track from the 1980 album by AC/DC, ‘Back in Black.’

Note that I can not confirm if the above kitty is in fact a devil kitty.

Notably this is the first album to feature Brian Johnson on vocals (he replaced Bon Scott who died earlier in the year), so there’s some metal trivia you can throw at some jerk know it all.

The bell in the beginning is a one-ton replica of the four-ton ‘Denison Bell‘ which is located at the War Memorial in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England.

They tried recording the sound of a bell in an actual bell tower, but as you hear in this documentary on YouTube (below) with producer Tony Platt, bird lives in bell towers, and when you hit the bell you’re going to hear birds!

Can you believe that? They made a one-fucking-ton bell that is rung just 13 times at the beginning of the whole album.

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