ALSO: Melvins, Trove, The Armed, Underoath

ALSO is a collection of miscellaneous bits I find during the week, and also the name of the quarterly print zine I send out to members.

:: Melvins released ‘Stop Moving to Florida,’ the first single from ‘PINKUS ABORTION TECHNICIAN,’ due out April 20th. [YouTube]

:: Quirky guitar noodling and old ladies collide in Polyphia’s video for ’40oz’ [YouTube]

:: Did you like Vanna? Vocalist Davey Muise is now doing Trove, and they released ‘Massive’ recently. [YouTube]

:: Missed from last week; Life of Agony channel Alice in Chains on ‘Dead Speak Kindly’ [YouTube], The Armed continue to destroy with ‘Witness,’ with Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man, etc) on drums  [YouTube]

:: Underoath are back with an F bomb [YouTube], and Vattnet are done.