ALSO: Metal & Coffee, Devin Allen, Metal Videos + more

ALSO is a collection of miscellaneous bits I find during the week, and also the name of the quarterly print zine I send out to members.

:: I spoke with Ebonie (@metalandcoffee_) for an upcoming issue of the print edition of ALSO (more info on that here), and she told me how she puts together her playlist for her weekly radio show. “So I keep a spreadsheet, and just go through them one by one, and mark off the things,” she told me. “Every month, I have a day where I do reconciliation, like, okay, did I listen to this album, did I like it? Nope? I didn’t like it, I fill in the background with red, if I like it I’ll fill in the background with green. That’s how I create my playlists, I’ll go to that spreadsheet.”

:: Hey, photographer friends; got a spare digital camera lying around? Check out Devin Allen’s fundraiser for getting cameras into the hands of Baltimore’s youth.

:: I started making YouTube playlists of metal stuff earlier this year. Most are actual videos, others are “lyric videos,” but you get the point. Just this week there’s been new music from TesseractNapalm Death, Will Haven, Turnstile, Harm’s Way, Krosis, Caliban, Monster Magnet, Good Tiger, Barren Earth, Rivers of Nihil, A Perfect Circle, Fu Manchu + more.

Full YouTube Playlist for Feb 2018
Full YouTube Playlist for Jan 2018

:: Take a few minutes and read ‘Why It’s Important to Stop Using “Female-Fronted” as a Metal Genre Right Now.’ Oh, hell yes, I love this.