ALSO: Suffocation, Social Media + More

ALSO is a collection of miscellaneous bits I find during the week, and also the name of the quarterly print zine I send out to members.

:: “If you work at a record store and you put price stickers directly on digipaks, you’re an enemy of both art and commerce simultaneously. you’re a bad person. you’re unlovable.” I have to agree. [Twitter]

:: Frank Mullen officially steps down from Suffocation. [Ghost Cult Mag]

:: I love this bit from the latest episode of Tricky, about offloading your community building to 3rd party sites, where sites like FB (and Twitter) sell your audience back to you. Ooph. [Tricky Podcast]

:: Skull Toaster friend @fcknheadbanger with a killer cover of Flotsam and Jetsam’s ‘It All Smells Like Trash to Me.’