Skull Toaster Podcast #5

Hi, metal friends. Listen to me read all of the questions to you for this week, and enjoy the music of See You Space Cowboy. My guest this week is CC DeBeard, who most of you know is really me with a big blonde wig and a weird hat.

I’m obviously still tweaking and testing things out with the podcast format, but I’m having fun with it. You can always shoot me an email ( and let me know what you think. I just want to have fun, and not blend in with every other podcast that’s out there, you know? I hope you like it.

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ASK SETH A QUESTION FOR A FUTURE EPISODE. Record a question (which maybe I’ll add to a future episode) and I’ll attempt to answer it on air (without Googling it).

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ALSO: Suffocation, Social Media + More

ALSO is a collection of miscellaneous bits I find during the week, and also the name of the quarterly print zine I send out to members.

:: “If you work at a record store and you put price stickers directly on digipaks, you’re an enemy of both art and commerce simultaneously. you’re a bad person. you’re unlovable.” I have to agree. [Twitter]

:: Frank Mullen officially steps down from Suffocation. [Ghost Cult Mag]

:: I love this bit from the latest episode of Tricky, about offloading your community building to 3rd party sites, where sites like FB (and Twitter) sell your audience back to you. Ooph. [Tricky Podcast]

:: Skull Toaster friend @fcknheadbanger with a killer cover of Flotsam and Jetsam’s ‘It All Smells Like Trash to Me.’


Behold, metal friends! Here be the answers to all the metal trivia from the week of March 12, 2018.

MON: Full Metal Jacket didn’t win an Oscar in 1988, but neither did ‘Full Metal (blank),’ the long running radio show.

A. That’s ‘Full Metal Jackie,’ hosted by Jackie Kajzer who also hosts WHIPLASH on 95.5 KLOS FM in Los Angeles, CA. The Full Metal Jackie radio show calls 103.1FM home, and it’s syndicated all over the US. She also published ‘The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the ’80s and the True Stories Behind Their Lyrics’ in 2009.

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Weekly Playlist #2

Here are some of the tunes that caught my ears and eyes this week. The world may do its best to jam darkness into our lives, but the music never stops and so that’s my protection against that junk.

Serration came out in January, but I’m super glad I found it. The Callous Daoboys were on this week’s podcast because they’re great, Initiate somehow come back on my radar and is the perfect late after noon pick me up. The Lesser Glow video was put on my radar via Jordan, and the Black Peaks – I was turned onto them a bit ago by my friend Jasper and I’m stoked to hear new stuff from them.
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It’s Okay to Be Still For a Minute

I hurt my back recently, which is a problem when I like to run four days a week. I consulted a doctor of course (thank you, Affordable Health Care act), and was told I’m not stretching enough. Running is motion, energy, excitement! Stretching is pretty boring.

Being still was a good lesson. Not just for recovering from some minor hip displacement, but most anything that life throws at us these days. Did you just read about some lame band doing some lame stuff? If you follow metal Twitter for more than six seconds the answer is probably yes.

But instead of acting, engaging, and leaping – sit for a second. Righteous rage is a wonderful and holy thing, of course, but raging 24/7 is unhealthy. Even soldiers sleep.

Step away, go listen to the latest Rolo Tomassi, and then reach out to a friend. Much like Andrew WK’s new album, ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a true statement. Connect with some friends, align with some peers, sit for a fucking second, then figure out some moves.