Metal Trivia Podcast #28

How to stump your metal trivia podcast guest? Ask them about an album from the year they were born. And I swear, I don’t want to stump anyone!

As you’ll discover from the story she tells, Lisette Voytko (@lisettevoytko on Twitter) is a total champ and an inspiration to the world. I am totally here for stories about open heart surgery and fencing!

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Metal Trivia Podcast #26

Today’s episode was recorded at my friend’s place in NYC, very quietly. Yes, it’s a bit late, but done is better than not-done, so this is what we get. Doing audio / visual stuff on the road is a challenge, but I’m doing my best!

Opening track from Absent by GAEREA, and some audio from the NYC subway for your listening pleasure. Please have a wonderful weekend, good friends.

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Weekly Playlist #8

A varied mix, I’d say, and put together and enjoyed while traveling to NYC, and all that a trip like that entails. Please enjoy this five tunes, and have an excellent weekend.

‘Learn to Breathe’ by Spotlights (Oct 6, 2017)
‘憂鬱’ by YU-UTSU (March 23, 2018)
‘Gatekeeper’ by Cancer Bats (April 20, 2018)
‘Isolation’ by Khemmis (June 22, 2018)
‘Absent’ by GAEREA (June 22, 2018)

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Metal Trivia Podcast #25

I actually recorded this episode on Tuesday, because I’m travelling. I wasn’t entirely sure how much down time or quiet time I’d have to record an episode so this is a pre-recorded cut! But hey, good tunes abound from Cancer Bats and of course… Sleep. Duh. It’s a week of dope! I sure hope you enjoy this episode, friends.

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