Metal Trivia Podcast #29

Sure Seth, make a podcast everyday! It’ll be fun! Actually, it’s a hoot, because these episodes are so bite-size and light. You can also save them for the weekend, right? And it won’t take you fours to catch up, because that’s the point!

Hopefully you like the intro music from Diatriba (linked below), and maybe you know the answer to the Dream Theater metal trivia.

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Metal Trivia Podcast #28

How to stump your metal trivia podcast guest? Ask them about an album from the year they were born. And I swear, I don’t want to stump anyone!

As you’ll discover from the story she tells, Lisette Voytko (@lisettevoytko on Twitter) is a total champ and an inspiration to the world. I am totally here for stories about open heart surgery and fencing!

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Metal Trivia Podcast #26

Today’s episode was recorded at my friend’s place in NYC, very quietly. Yes, it’s a bit late, but done is better than not-done, so this is what we get. Doing audio / visual stuff on the road is a challenge, but I’m doing my best!

Opening track from Absent by GAEREA, and some audio from the NYC subway for your listening pleasure. Please have a wonderful weekend, good friends.

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Weekly Playlist #8

A varied mix, I’d say, and put together and enjoyed while traveling to NYC, and all that a trip like that entails. Please enjoy this five tunes, and have an excellent weekend.

‘Learn to Breathe’ by Spotlights (Oct 6, 2017)
‘憂鬱’ by YU-UTSU (March 23, 2018)
‘Gatekeeper’ by Cancer Bats (April 20, 2018)
‘Isolation’ by Khemmis (June 22, 2018)
‘Absent’ by GAEREA (June 22, 2018)

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Metal Trivia Podcast #25

I actually recorded this episode on Tuesday, because I’m travelling. I wasn’t entirely sure how much down time or quiet time I’d have to record an episode so this is a pre-recorded cut! But hey, good tunes abound from Cancer Bats and of course… Sleep. Duh. It’s a week of dope! I sure hope you enjoy this episode, friends.

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