This started on a whim. I gained entry to the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA through a sponsorship bib with Students Run Philly Style. In exchange for a bib for the race, I just had to raise $500. GULP.

Through the amazing support of good people we hit $500… with a full month to go. In heavy metal we learn to never take our foot off the gas, right?! We can’t stop now!

With over a month to go I didn’t want to keep beating my social media audience over the head. And really, “hey we reached $500, let’s shoot for $600” isn’t all that exciting.

So I switched things up; for every $25 we raise in the month of April (2018), I’ll put a patch on this jean jacket and wear it during the upcoming 10 mile run. Will it be sweaty and uncomfortable? Oh, for sure, but raising money for good causes should be hard work.

And let’s be real; I’m a white man in America. I think I can endure being sweaty and gross if it means raising money for marginalized groups and kids in need. It’s worth it.

My plan for 2018 is to keep wearing this vest on my runs, and keep raising money for good (and progressive) organizations.

If you’d like to donate, we’ll still be taking donations (right here) for the 2018 Blue Cross Broad Street Run right into May, and will post more updates here on Skull Toaster in the coming months.