ALSO: Pillärs, Slugdge, Coffin Torture + more

ALSO is a collection of miscellaneous bits I find during the week, and also the name of the quarterly print zine I send out to members.

:: Our pal Beth (@KapustaDiamond) plays in Pillärs, and they have a new record out titled ‘Abandoned’ (listen on Bandcamp).

:: Slugdge are releasing ‘Esoteric Malacology’ in March. Pre-order on Bandcamp or Willowtip.

:: I know some of y’all are freelancers, so: ‘10 Commandments (for Clients)

:: The Sludgelord and Skull Toaster patron Dewar PR are teaming up to form Sludgelord Records. Their first release is from the two person doom machine called Coffin Torture (listen here on Bandcamp)

:: If you got a few bucks, Raw Paw studio in Austin, TX were the victims of arson. There’s a fundraiser here, and artist Richey Beckett is making a shirt available for pre-order with all proceeds going to Raw Paw.

:: PureGrainAudio acquired Broken Amp – read about it here.

:: This week made a bit better with some TRVE KVLT coffee in my mug.

ALSO: Ergo, I Exist, Botch, Conjurer + more

ALSO is a collection of miscellaneous bits I find during the week, and also the name of the quarterly print zine I send to members.

:: Brian Cook says this is the first Botch flyer (he should know). And seriously, if you’re not following his Tumblr you damn well should be.

:: My friend Jacob and his band Ergo, I Exist are putting out an album this year.

:: Broken Amp closes up shop and joins forces with Pure Grain Audio.

:: My pal Jaci is posting a song every day, and if you know Jaci that means good shit.

:: ‘A Former Google Employee on How Your Phone Is Designed to Control Your Life’ – video

:: Been listening to the new Conjurer, and Outlier’sThrough A Set Of Rose Shaded Eyes,’ which got me listening to Sectioned’sOutlier‘ which came out in 2013, which led me to 2015’s ‘Orange Mathematics’ by Frontierer. Telling ‘ya, modern UK metal is sweet.

:: You know all those silly videos I post on Fridays? They were viewed just a bit over 10,000 times in all of 2016. Thanks for that!

ALSO is Now a Quarterly Zine

Why get into print in 2018?

I’m getting into print because someday Twitter and Instagram are going to close, and the 2000+ questions (along with funny videos and quirky images) are all going to disappear.

Back in 2006 MySpace was the #1 music on the internet. In 2008 AOL Music became #1. Now, a decade later, neither exist in their former glory.

Launched on Jan 1, 2018 and sent to Patreon supporters, ALSO exists to be found five years from now. You won’t need special equipment to read it, or a fancy media player – it’s a piece of paper and you’ll be able to hold it and be transported back to early 2018, when you got it in the mail.

ALSO is exclusive to $3/mo + members. Click here to find out how you can get a copy.

For now ALSO exists as a one-page, folded zine, which I hope to expand with each issue ALSO has already expanded to a quarter page folded booklet zine! If you have questions, shoot me an email: