This started on a whim. I gained entry to the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA through a sponsorship bib with Students Run Philly Style. In exchange for a bib for the race, I just had to raise $500. GULP.

Through the amazing support of good people we hit $500… with a full month to go. In heavy metal we learn to never take our foot off the gas, right?! We can’t stop now!


It’s Okay to Be Still For a Minute

I hurt my back recently, which is a problem when I like to run four days a week. I consulted a doctor of course (thank you, Affordable Health Care act), and was told I’m not stretching enough. Running is motion, energy, excitement! Stretching is pretty boring.

Being still was a good lesson. Not just for recovering from some minor hip displacement, but most anything that life throws at us these days. Did you just read about some lame band doing some lame stuff? If you follow metal Twitter for more than six seconds the answer is probably yes.

But instead of acting, engaging, and leaping – sit for a second. Righteous rage is a wonderful and holy thing, of course, but raging 24/7 is unhealthy. Even soldiers sleep.

Step away, go listen to the latest Rolo Tomassi, and then reach out to a friend. Much like Andrew WK’s new album, ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a true statement. Connect with some friends, align with some peers, sit for a fucking second, then figure out some moves.

Would Headbanger’s Ball Work Today?

Met up with @MrVinnieSays this week for coffee and wow, our conversation would have made a good podcast episode, I swear!

One of the things we hit on was the nostalgia of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, and how a show like that – today – would be such a risk.

When I was a kid there was nothing else on TV to watch. There were no cell phones, smart phones, or internet. I swear, I remember the ONE time I got to see ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver Big Brown Beaver’ by Primus late one night – I held my breath, dared not speak to my friend in the room… I finally got to see the video I longed for! And when it was over, it was OVER. Gone. But now I can watch it whenever I want on YouTube.

Compare that to now, and the hundreds of entertainment choices we have every single night. New shows on Netflix, every new release on streaming music services, everything else on Bandcamp, videos of our friends on Snapchat and / or Instagram, 100 new music videos to watch on YouTube ever day… like, how the hell would a new Headbanger’s Ball even compete with any of that?

P.S. Our pal @jaci_KVLT did the logo and website for Swallowing Fire, ‘an outdoor culinary event (in Portland, OR) in honor of the Great American Eclipse, celebrating the harmony of nature, food, and people.’

Skull Toaster Supports Trans Rights


Under our current administration, friends of mine — people I know and love — will have to worry even more about being discriminated against, fired from a job, or straight up murdered simply because of who they are as people.

That ain’t metal. That’s garbage.

This Friday, I’ll be buying / donating / loving my friends in the face of any and all sort of hatred and so-called “holiness.”

Bandcamp: ‘This Friday, Stand With Bandcamp in Support of Trans Rights