Metal Trivia Answers from Last Week

As Kim Kelly says (well, writes), “You’ll Never Listen to All the Music You Want to Hear Before You Die.”


Even though I am literally drowning in amazing music given my day job (Close Mondays), I find it hard to ever answer the age old question, “so what are you listening to lately?”

This is not a jaded, burned out feeling, though. No, that was me back in 2010 or so when I was burnt to a crisp on metal and bombed my 2nd interview with Google Music because I couldn’t rattle off my ten favorite albums from the year before. Oops.
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Behold, metal friends! Here be the answers to all the metal trivia from the week of March 12, 2018.

MON: Full Metal Jacket didn’t win an Oscar in 1988, but neither did ‘Full Metal (blank),’ the long running radio show.

A. That’s ‘Full Metal Jackie,’ hosted by Jackie Kajzer who also hosts WHIPLASH on 95.5 KLOS FM in Los Angeles, CA. The Full Metal Jackie radio show calls 103.1FM home, and it’s syndicated all over the US. She also published ‘The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the ’80s and the True Stories Behind Their Lyrics’ in 2009.

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Metal Trivia Answers: Jesus Piece, Aborted + more

HI, metal friend.

Instead of looking for new platforms to keep up with 1000 friends, consider the opposite. #MetalBandcampgiftclub started on Twitter, but most of the conversation has moved to its own Slack channel.

Our conversations on Twitter and Facebook are like trying to talk on a busy street, where any passer-by can butt in. We’re shouting in the middle of busy intersections, surrounded by flashing neon lights and people handing us flyers every other minute.

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Metal Trivia Answers: Howard Jones, Thin Lizzie, ”Beginning of Sorrow’ + more

HI, Seth.  Each week in this email I try to link up something worth supporting, and it feels lately there’s about a dozen ways we could put $10 to good use. This week I’m asking for your help to support Students Run Philly Style. They spend time with kids, training, running, and racing in Philadelphia. And they need shoes. Gear. Food (if I remember correctly kids have pretty big appetites).

Like me you’ve probably seen some kids do amazing things in the past week. Let’s not wait for another tragedy before we do something to empower kids to shine like the rockstars they are.

Click here to learn how you can sponsor my run and help me raise $500 for Students Run Philly Style.

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Metal Trivia Answers: Faith No More, William DuVall + More

HI, metal friend. This week my friend Tweeted, “Don’t be discouraged, keep doing good.”

Keep hugging your friends, writing, showing up. Keep buying albums, texting people you haven’t talked to in awhile, and supporting worthy causes. We’re allowed to be tired, run down, and shocked, but we can’t give up. Stakes are too high.

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Metal Trivia Answers: Body Count, Puppy Steak, Candiria + more

Hi, metal friends. Below are the metal trivia answers to the metal trivia questions that I posted on Twitter and Instagram for the week of February 5-9. Being that it’s February – Black History Month – each answer features a black artist doing good stuff in metal.

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Metal Trivia Answers: Druid Lord, Mothmother, 36 Crazyfists + more

Hello, chilly metal friends! Here are the metal trivia answers for the week of January 22, 2018. I posted these metal trivia questions to Twitter and Instagram, and then I send out an email every Saturday with the answers that you see below. If you like what you see below, subscribe at the bottom of this post!

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