Weekly Playlist #2

Here are some of the tunes that caught my ears and eyes this week. The world may do its best to jam darkness into our lives, but the music never stops and so that’s my protection against that junk.

Serration came out in January, but I’m super glad I found it. The Callous Daoboys were on this week’s podcast because they’re great, Initiate somehow come back on my radar and is the perfect late after noon pick me up. The Lesser Glow video was put on my radar via Jordan, and the Black Peaks – I was turned onto them a bit ago by my friend Jasper and I’m stoked to hear new stuff from them.
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Weekly Playlist

New music from Sectioned (one of my favorite bands I discovered via Bandcamp) and Svalbard, and I have to give @CelticFrosty credit for turning me onto Kill Athena, since they popped up on on my Bandcamp feed. That LATITUDES track dates back to 2009, but hey, it’s new to me. Sadistik Forest is a straight ahead banger and a perfect way to finish up the work week.

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