Weekly Playlist #8

A varied mix, I’d say, and put together and enjoyed while traveling to NYC, and all that a trip like that entails. Please enjoy this five tunes, and have an excellent weekend.

‘Learn to Breathe’ by Spotlights (Oct 6, 2017)
‘憂鬱’ by YU-UTSU (March 23, 2018)
‘Gatekeeper’ by Cancer Bats (April 20, 2018)
‘Isolation’ by Khemmis (June 22, 2018)
‘Absent’ by GAEREA (June 22, 2018)

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Weekly Playlist #7

This is but a sampling of tunes I’ve enjoyed this week. I only got into Ghost from because of 2016’s ‘From the Pinnacle to the Pit,’ which I played non-stop when it first came out. Their new one called ‘Rats’ has the same effect on me. And that outro? PFFFT. Stoppit.

Pallbearer, YOB, and Dopethrone in the same week? That’s not even fair, and all the evidence you need against “there’s no good music these days.”
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Weekly Playlist #5

Music selections from this week. Dark, fraught with tension, and capped off with some Com Truise (thx, Jacob).

I played all these tunes at the start of my daily podcast, so if you like what you hear below, consider subscribing to that.

Weekly Playlist #4

Late to the scene as usual when it comes to Barús, but oooph, that’s some fine french death metal (digital album is also Name Your Price on Bandcamp)

Queercore band TRANSGRESSION from Louisville, KY sound fucking great.

Nearly 30 minutes of HIRS? Proceeds from this Gaytheism release goes to “supporting and helping provide visibility for women & queer folk who are marginalised in the DIY music scene.” Hell yes.

Zozobra’s ‘The Blessing’ is what it says – a sweet gift from Caleb Scofield who was taken from us far too soon. Memorial fund is here.

Loved the visuals for the Good Tiger ‘Salt of the Earth’ video, which for sure adds to the audio experience.

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Weekly Playlist #3

Stumbled upon the darkened electro vibes of VOWWS via Apple Music, an wow, I have not stopped listening. Roku was another random discovery, and this song in particular has stayed with me. And heck, new Baptists warms my heart, as they always do (can you believe it’s been four years since ‘Bloodmines?’).

Not sure why I’ve been on such an electronic music kick lately. Maybe it’s the weather. Spring is supposedly here but dammit, it won’t stop snowing here in PA!

Weekly Playlist #2

Here are some of the tunes that caught my ears and eyes this week. The world may do its best to jam darkness into our lives, but the music never stops and so that’s my protection against that junk.

Serration came out in January, but I’m super glad I found it. The Callous Daoboys were on this week’s podcast because they’re great, Initiate somehow come back on my radar and is the perfect late after noon pick me up. The Lesser Glow video was put on my radar via Jordan, and the Black Peaks – I was turned onto them a bit ago by my friend Jasper and I’m stoked to hear new stuff from them.
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Weekly Playlist

New music from Sectioned (one of my favorite bands I discovered via Bandcamp) and Svalbard, and I have to give @CelticFrosty credit for turning me onto Kill Athena, since they popped up on on my Bandcamp feed. That LATITUDES track dates back to 2009, but hey, it’s new to me. Sadistik Forest is a straight ahead banger and a perfect way to finish up the work week.

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