Metal Trivia Podcast #20

It’s midweek and new music abounds! Also, there’s some metal trivia that you might not get today, and if you’re into the audio treats of my sweet voice in your ears. Check out new music from Wolvhammer and ASG without having to put up with toxic gossip from rando metal sites, and of course some sweet outro music from yesterday’s metal trivia. Enjoy!

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Metal Trivia Podcast #19

I don’t know how I mix up YOB with Praying Mantis, or even if anyone cares, because metal is metal and we need to listen to plenty more of it. Please note that Warren DeMartini is an excellent guitarist, and my friend from back in highschool used to joke that his dad was in RATT. Today that same friend plays bass in Modest Mouse. Weird, right?
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Metal Trivia Podcast #18

Hi, hello is this thing on? Here is today’s podcast with some metal trivia, and also presented without a guest. It’s just me playing some new tunes that you may have missed out on, and also lamenting my issues with cookie shame. You’ll have to listen to the full episode to understand what the hell I’m talking about.
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