Everyday it seems I wake up in a garbage chute with a few of my friends dressed up as Imperial Storm Troopers, and wondering what the heck just brushed against my foot.

I do my best to resist the suck of negativity by listening to ‘Party Hard’ by Andrew W.K. on repeat while lifting weights (seriously), and talking on the phone with good friends.

The above Tweet is from Trin who co-hosts the Friendshipping podcast, which I think is delightful. Hearing her and Jenn talking Star Wars and being a good friend is light and fun, exactly what I think we need more of in the world.

We can totally rage against the machine, and gnash our teeth at the horrible thing of the day, but let’s also stay tender, with hugs at the ready.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Opossum Edition

Not really a quote, but who needs quotes when you got opossums?

I’ve been listening to one of Andrew WK’s ‘Total Freedom’ quite a bit and I gotta tell you – every damn day I want to get further and further away from what “metal” is supposed to be. I’m not macho, own zero bullet belts, and would rather stay in that see a band that goes on at 11:30pm. No apologies. Warm vinyl, a drink in hand, and slippers is where I wanna be at midnight, friends.

My opinions on garbage bands doing garbage things isn’t needed here. Skull Toaster is about high fives, pop music, and “total freedom.”

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Trying to Refocus on More In-Person Interactions”

As social media twists and contorts to make money for investors and board members (think ALGORITHMS vs chronologically arranged timelines), it’s getting harder for media outlets, writers, metal trivia hosts (ahem), and all sorts of creative people to get noticed.

Truth: a blog post about a celeb wearing a Megadeth shirt will get more clicks than a smartly written interview with a fascinating artist. That’s just the way it is!

But Facebook and algorithms can’t take away our face to face conversations, or our emails, or our text messages! So take heart, my creative lovelies – we were creative before social media, and we’ll be around long after Facebook closes their doors.

Quote of the Week: “I’m Not Sure Even Like Music Anymore”

This Tweet from the monster that is @axeslasher led to a lively conversation on the ‘ole Twitter, which reminds me of why I loved Twitter for so long.

Trusting streaming music playlists is tough because – no matter how good the curator – metal is such a varied genre, with layers of sub-genres and nuance. But trusting just your friends or a few people in your network can get stagnant, too.

Trying to keep up with the steady flow of new releases is a full-time job, one that’s tough to keep up with even when it IS your full-time job. The best course of action? Find stuff accidentally, tuck some links away for another day, and enjoy the albums you already love.