Hello, again

If you’ve checked this site recently you’ll have noticed that things are a little quiet. After my 10 mile run in Philadelphia (where we raised over $700), I took a week off.

A week off from the daily metal trivia on social media.
A week off from the nightly email newsletter.
A week off from the short daily podcast episodes I was making.

A week… off.

It was then I realized I needed to change course.

Back in 2011 I started Skull Toaster to be my “living breathing resume” piece to show off to would-be full-time employers. It’s now 2018, nearly seven years (in October), and I’ve heard the message loud and clear from would-be employers; pass.

I’ll still be posting metal trivia on Twitter and Instagram – that’s the roots and foundation of Skull Toaster, after all. Again, it’ll be seven years in October, and I’m not really looking to end things just yet.

Thanks for sticking around.