Hit Parader, 1987: ‘Out to Lunch with Megadeth’

megadeth_1aJodi Beth Summers goes “Out to Lunch” with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth in the June 1987 issue of Hit Parader.

The interview took place at Sam’s Bar in LA, over “hot dogs, brandy and tortilla chips during a party in Megadeth’s honor.” They discuss the origin of the band name (“It’s a million deaths,” explains Mustaine, “and we want to leave our audience shellshocked wherever we go”),  his split with his Jehovh’s Witness family, and the possible name for the follow up to their 1986 album, ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying.’

I’ve always gotten a kick out of defying authority. Just wait, we want to name our next album ‘The Second Coming of Christ.’

They may have wanted to use that title, but they used ‘So Far, So Good… So What!” instead.

megadeth band photo

Neither guitarist Chris Poland nor drummer Gar Samuelson (pictured above) would make it to that next album, however, as both were fired after touring in support of ‘Peace Sells.’

“As far as (me and bassist Dave Ellefson) were concerned, Gar and Chris were lesser partners. Not in terms of their musicianship, necessarily, but in terms of their behavior and attitude toward Megadeth.”

hit parader june 1987 cover
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