Behold, metal friends! Here be the answers to all the metal trivia from the week of March 12, 2018.

MON: Full Metal Jacket didn’t win an Oscar in 1988, but neither did ‘Full Metal (blank),’ the long running radio show.

A. That’s ‘Full Metal Jackie,’ hosted by Jackie Kajzer who also hosts WHIPLASH on 95.5 KLOS FM in Los Angeles, CA. The Full Metal Jackie radio show calls 103.1FM home, and it’s syndicated all over the US. She also published ‘The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the ’80s and the True Stories Behind Their Lyrics’ in 2009.

TUE:  FIRST / LAST SONG: The first song on this album from 1988 was ‘Edge of a Broken Heart’ and the last song was ‘Cruisin’

A. Vixen’s self-titled debut had a bit of help (notably Richard Marx work on ‘Edge of a Broken Heart’), but it was still a banger for its time. Guitarist Jan Kuehnemund started the band while in high school, then she – along with vocalist Janet Gardner – took the band from Minnesota to LA in ’85, got signed to EMI, and hit the big time. Though maybe known for ‘Edge of a Broken Heart,’ it was the song ‘Cryin” that was their bigger hit on the Billboard charts, peaking at #22 in March of 1989.

Sadly Kuehnemund passed away in 2013 at the age of 51.

WED: Andy Dwyer from ‘Parks & Rec’ has Mouse Rat, but Michigan has ________ Rat.

A. “Our lyrics cover a lot of topics,” said Cloud Rat guitarist Rorik Brooks in a 2013 interview with Decibel, “Animal cruelty/veganism, patriarchy, globalization / colonialism / industrialization, rape / molestation, domestic abuse / neglect, police brutality, depression, existential issues, feminism, LGBTQ / gender issues, drug abuse, religion, and more.”

THU: Bass player Lesley Wolf of Mortals plays bass in what “mythical god” band?

A. The mighty Belus. Though the main riffs may come from guitarist Matt Mewton (also of WOE), Wolf plays an integral role in how the songs come together. “I tend to be the person who figures out how to transition from one idea to the next,” said Wolf in an interview with Indy Metal Vault in 2017, “and Jacques (Johnson) makes it interesting. The drumming patterns he comes up with often makes Matt and I adjust our picking patterns and then eventually all the pieces fall into place.  Thus, it is a collaborative effort.”

FRI: MOMENT OF METAL #271: Who answers the question in this Headbangers Ball interview?

A. That was White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult, sometime before May of 1992, answering the tired, age-old question, “what’s it like being a woman in a band?”

You can watch the entire (and pretty awkward) interview here on YouTube.