Metal Trivia Answers: Body Count, Puppy Steak, Candiria + more

Hi, metal friends. Below are the metal trivia answers to the metal trivia questions that I posted on Twitter and Instagram for the week of February 5-9. Being that it’s February – Black History Month – each answer features a black artist doing good stuff in metal.

MON: What band recently performed ‘Black Hoodie’ at the Grammys?

A. Body Count played ‘Black Hoodie’ at the recent Grammy awards (watch it here), as the song was nominated for Best Metal Performance, but lost to Mastodon’s ‘Sultan’s Curse’ (this was their third nomination). It took six albums, but this was the band’s first ever Grammy nomination.

TUE: Traa Daniels plays bass in what three-lettered band?

A. That’d be P.O.D. (short for Payable on Death). The group signed with Mascot Records in January and hope to have a new record sometime this year.

WED: Before playing drums in Kid Rock’s band, Stefanie Eulinberg played in what “canine meat” band?

A. The band was Puppy Steak, an all-girl band she formed with some metal tendencies.  “Anyone that’s not a drummer usually doesn’t get it,” she told Drum Magazine in a 2015 interview, “It just sounds like a bunch of noisy fast stuff because your ear can’t dissect it. I’d sit there and watch Joey Jordison, and was like, ‘Damn you!’ because he was just so fast, and he’s small. He’s 50 pounds, dripping wet. And he plays really lightly, which is the opposite of the way I play, which is coming down from up here [gestures above her head].”

THU: FIRST SONG / LAST SONG: This 2009 album starts with ‘Hurting Not Helping’ and ends with ‘Enough’

A. That album is ‘It’s Nothing Personal,’ from Bury Your Dead. “Each of us is good at certain things and this album is just highlighting all the things we’re good at,” said vocalist Myke Terry in a 2009 interview at Noise Creep, “so if that means that the record is now more accessible, that’s okay.”

Well, it wasn’t okay, as ‘Hurting Not Helping’ would be his last album as he was ousted from the band in 2011.

Things worked out for Myke, though, as he’s showcased some more of his vocal chops on his YouTube channel, and joined Volumes in 2016 (watch the video for ‘Finite’ right here).


A. That song is ‘Mereya,’ from Candiria’s latest album, 2016’s ‘While They Were Sleeping.’

“The Candiria guys approached and said, “Do you want to write a new record for Metal Blade [Records],” explains vocalist Carley Coma, “when after some convincing, I said yeah. I thought, what haven’t I done? What have I wanted to sing about? I thought, let me write a concept album”

Mereya is the protagonist of this concept album ‘While They Were Sleeping,’ which Coma explains track-by-track on episode 92 of the As the Story Grows podcast. Seriously, go give it a listen.

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