Metal Trivia Answers: Conan, Megadeth, Tora Tora + more

Hello and welcome to 2018 metal friend. I had to burn most of my belongings in a rusted steel drum to stay warm this week, but thankfully I had time to write this email to you. Someday I hope to feel my toes again.

Below are the metal trivia answers to all the metal trivia questions I posed to Twitter and Instagram for the week of January 1, 2018.

MONSuicidal Tendencies will release ‘Get Your Fight On’ this year with what notable drummer?

A. Dave Lombardo, who was a co-founding member of Slayer, was fired via email. “Dave had been jamming with us for a while, as a working member of the band,” explained vocalist / bassist Tom Araya, “but he wasn’t a partner.”

Dave would go on to tour with Suicidal Tendencies in early 2016, and then just a few months later was in the studio with them recording ‘World Gone Mad.’ “Suicidal’s music brings back some really good memories,” said Lombardo in an interview last year, “I remember driving the van on one of our early Slayer tours and me and (late Slayer guitarist) Jeff Hanneman would listen to their first record and switch off singing the lyrics.”

TUE: What guitarist left Megadeth 10 years ago this month?

A. Glen Drover left the band after four years because of Dave Mustaine’s lofty expectations. “You shouldn’t try to play something note for note,” explained Drover in a 2015 interview, “you sound like a robot, and then you’re just kind of a puppet. I don’t believe in that.”

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WED: Can you name the band + album?

A. More than one person said Conan, and it does resemble their 2015 album ‘Monnos‘ a bit. The correct answer, however, is High on Fire, with their 2007 album, ‘Death Is This Communion.’  The cover was done by Arik Roper, who has worked with Matt Pike before, and he did the artwork for Kvelertak’s ‘Nattesferd,’ Earth’s ‘The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull,’ and Windhand’s ‘Grief’s Infernal Flow.’

> ALSO: ‘High on Fire’s ‘Death is This Communion’: the Story Behind the Cover Art,’ Revolver (2008)

THU: ‘Surprise Attack’ is the debut LP from what TN metal band in the late 80s?

A. Tora Tora. It’s been said (thanks, @robertobaritono) they took their name from Van Halen’s ‘Women and Children First,’ but dammit I can not find a legit source for that!

‘Surprise Attack’ was engineered by Joe Hardy and Paul Ebersold at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, which is where the above photo is from.


A. That joyful tune it the title track from Judas Priest’s 1988 album, ‘Ram it Down.’ “I think one of the most underrated albums is ‘Ram It Down,'” said guitarist Glenn Tipton in a 2011 interview with The Aquarian, “It sold really well eventually, but it never gets cited as a great album. It’s got some great songs on it.”

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