Metal Trivia Answers: Druid Lord, Mothmother, 36 Crazyfists + more

Hello, chilly metal friends! Here are the metal trivia answers for the week of January 22, 2018. I posted these metal trivia questions to Twitter and Instagram, and then I send out an email every Saturday with the answers that you see below. If you like what you see below, subscribe at the bottom of this post!

MON: ‘High ‘N’ Dry,’ ‘Pyromania,’ and ‘Hysteria’ are all albums now available on music streaming services for the first time. Name the band.

A. “We tried to do a deal many years ago, but it didn’t work out, so we just waited and bided our time,” said Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott. “Record labels, or any kind of institution like this, keep the same name, but every 18 months you can have totally different people. We were just very fortunate that the people at Universal at the moment were very onside to doing this deal. We sat down with them and basically just batted the stuff back and forth until we all settled on what we thought was a fair deal.”

ALSO: Metallica wasn’t available to streaming until 2012, AC/DC followed suit in 2015, and it looks like Tool might finally join the streaming fray with the release of their new album.

TUE: Some 40 years ago this “fast” band released ‘Hemispheres.’

A. The mighty Rush! “The songs we’d recorded were a little high for Geddy (Lee) and it was a lot of work for him,” said producer Terry Brown when discussing Rush’s 1978 album, ‘Hemispheres,’ “Doing the vocals was the most difficult period of the whole recording process. But Geddy rose to the occasion and worked his ass off. We ended up with some great vocals – and an album that still stands the test of time. ”

WED: IN THE BEGINNING: Name the debut album from Orlando, Florida’s Druid Lord

A. “I think (‘Hymns for the Wicked’) was a very solid first album for us,” said guitarist Pete Slate in a 2017 interview with No Clean Singing, “Looking back, I wish now we would have had more time to record the whole album. The production could have been a lot bigger in terms of heaviness, but people really liked it. I’m very proud of Hymns.”

THU: Cera Callahan sings in what metal band that released ‘\’pe-se-,mi-zem\’ in 2017?

A. “I wanted to take this tragedy that has been such a burden and turn it into something positive, let others know they aren’t alone,” said Mothmother vocalist Cera Callahan in an interview with the Charleston City Paper, describing the message behind ‘Taken,’ “I want to be a voice for the voiceless and make people more aware of sexual assault.” Listen here on Bandcamp.


A. That’s ‘Bloodwork ‘ from the 36 Crazyfists album ‘A Snow Capped Romance.’ “The video’s supposed to be silly” said vocalist Brock Lindow in a 2004 interview with Room Thirteen, “we haven’t really been in that sort of situation before, so it made the whole thing a lot less stressful”.

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