Metal Trivia Answers: Faith No More, William DuVall + More

HI, metal friend. This week my friend Tweeted, “Don’t be discouraged, keep doing good.”

Keep hugging your friends, writing, showing up. Keep buying albums, texting people you haven’t talked to in awhile, and supporting worthy causes. We’re allowed to be tired, run down, and shocked, but we can’t give up. Stakes are too high.


MON: 30 years ago, after a not-so-great tour, this singer was ousted from Faith No More.

A. That’s Chuck Mosley, who sang on FNM’s first albums. “It was on downtime when I got bored that I would go off and do stuff,” said Mosely in a 2009 interview with the Cleveland Scene, talking about his departure from the band, “But that wasn’t why they fired me. They said I quit, and I told them they can’t say that. Then rumors started up on the Internet, and I became a real terrible person. It became a liability on the business side.”

Chuck Mosley died on November 9th, 2017 at the age of 57.

And yes, he actually replaced Courtney Love in 1983.

TUE: FIRST / LAST SONG: This 1997 album starts with ‘Black’ and ends with ‘Born to Die’

A. That’s Sevendust’s self-titled debut, which was the first of three straight Gold-certified albums.

WED: William DuVall fronted this band that was Jerry Cantrell’s backing band for his solo tour of ‘Degradation Trip’ in 2002.

A. That band was Comes With The Fall, fronted by DuVall who’d eventually become the singer of Alice in Chains, after the passing of Layne Staley. “There’s no replacing Layne,” said Jerry Cantrell in an interview from earlier this year, “William doesn’t sound anything like Layne, but he operated with me in a similar fashion that Layne and I used to operate writing wise and vocal wise. That’s a hallmark of the band that has to be there for this band to continue, he fit in really well.”

THU: What band covered Pantera’s ‘Cemetery Gates’ for Metal Hammer’s Dimebag tribute album in 2009?

A. That was Evile, and this was the last song bassist Mike Alexander did with the band.

“After Dime got killed, Mike couldn’t listen to ‘Cemetary Gates’ anymore. He’d always ask us to skip the track in the car/van/bus because it was too much for him. So when we chose to do the track it was tough for Mike, but I’m glad he did it. It turned out to be the last song he recorded, which to me is a strangely ‘appropriate’ tribute to him and Dimebag. I remember him nearing the verge of tears whilst I was doing the tremolo bends at the end of the track. ”

Mike Alexander passed away on October 5th, 2009.


A. That tune is by Embodyment, with the song ‘Pendulum’ from their 2000 album, ‘The Narrow Scope of Things.’ “I got involved because I love rock ‘n roll and because I’m not a rapper,” said vocalist Sean Corbray in a 2001 interview when responding to why there are “so few blacks in the rock scene*,” “and (I) can’t relate to those R&B groups.”

* Please don’t ever use “blacks” in interviews, or ever. Thank you.

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