Metal Trivia Answers from Last Week

As Kim Kelly says (well, writes), “You’ll Never Listen to All the Music You Want to Hear Before You Die.”


Even though I am literally drowning in amazing music given my day job (Close Mondays), I find it hard to ever answer the age old question, “so what are you listening to lately?”

This is not a jaded, burned out feeling, though. No, that was me back in 2010 or so when I was burnt to a crisp on metal and bombed my 2nd interview with Google Music because I couldn’t rattle off my ten favorite albums from the year before. Oops.

No, now I’m quite okay with not being able name you my 25 favorite songs from the past 48 hours. Like, there’s just too much amazing music, and not enough hours in the day. And the means to take it all in now is so streamlined – no need to buy a record at your local drug store – but there are also so many more entertainment options. I remember listening to Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’ in “the music room” in my parent’s house.

Then I remember the pure joy in having a five-disc (FIVE!) CD changer going when I played video games on my Sega Genesis (first CD I owned? Alice in Chains’ ‘Facelift’).

Sometime in the late 90s we started ripping CDs into our computers. And then Napster came along (oooph).

My favorite story in recent years is a friend who got some friends together and they all bought the funky variants for Torche’s ‘Restarter,’ then all met up that night to listen to the whole album. I think that’s the coolest, and given the popularity of “reaction videos,” I think it’d be neat to organize some weekly LIVE reactions to full albums.

Maybe then I’d be able to digest some full albums again!


2520: ADD A LETTER: Trivium’s debut about throwing someone from the band into the fire.
A. Member to Inferno

2519: ADD A LETTER: This band, known for their obsession with Barbie, recently put out ‘Loved.’
A. KEN Model

2518: ADD A LETTER: The second Baroness album which paid tribute to B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
A. Blues Record

2517: ADD A LETTER: The Anthrax album devoted to getting your daily intake of chromium, iron, and zinc.
A. Fistful of Metals

2516: ADD A LETTER: This high energy band from NJ recently called it quits, but they focused their entire career on this vehicle for fleeing from incarceration.
A. Dillinger Escape Plane