Metal Trivia Answers: Guns N’ Roses, Watain, Hammerfall + more

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MON: This band’s ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’ is now the 4th most lucrative tour ever.

A. According to Billboard, Guns N’ Roses raked in $475 million as of November of 2017. It better, as tour production manager Dale “Opie” Skjerseth says that 70+ people travel with the tour. Dear lord. Oh, and their greatest hits collection has gone 6x Platinum here in the United States.

TUE: 30 years ago this July this thrash band released ‘South of Heaven’

A. That’s the mighty Slayer, the follow up to their 1986 release, ‘Reign in Blood.’ How could they top that master piece? “We knew we couldn’t top Reign in Blood, so we had to slow down,” said guitarist Jeff Hanneman in an interview with Decibel Magazine (buy that issue here).

ALSO: “Larry Carroll was partnered on this project by illustrator Howard Schwarzberg (whose initials are scrawled on the bottom right)”
ALSO: ‘Hall of Fame Countdown: Slayer’s South of Heaven,’

WED: IN THE BEGINNING: Name the debut LP from Watain

A. That would be ‘Rabid Death’s Curse,’ which came out in 2000 (listen on Bandcamp).

“If you go through life as a blacksmith, the first knife you make will be a bit blunt,” said Erik Danielsson in a 2010 interview with Metalship, discussing the growth from those early recordings, “the more you work, the sharper your knives will get, and the closer you will come to what you really want to achieve.”

ALSO: ‘Smoke Breaks With Satan: The Strange Days and Sinister Nights of Watain,’ SPIN (2013)

THU: A baking soda you wouldn’t want to drink + a Swedish metal band founded by Oscar Dronjak

A. Arm & Hammerfall, who played with Death back in LA in 1998. “I have one regret,” said Dronjak (@OscarDronjak) in an interview with Highwire Daze in 2017, “there was a video company there who recorded the Death show, and they asked us ‘Do you want us to record your show, too. It’s gonna cost $50 bucks,’ I don’t know, it was nothing really, nothing. We said, ‘Eh, no, no, it’s okay.’ I regret that.”


A. Sure, open your fifth studio album with the line “a sacred cash cow with sickly tits.” When you’re Lamb of God, that’s what you do. The line is from, ‘In Your Words,’ the second track from their their 2009 album ‘Wrath.’ According to a feature in Rolling Stone, only vocalist Randy Blythe loved the lyrics: “a line the rest of the band didn’t want on the album.”

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