Metal Trivia Answers: Howard Jones, Thin Lizzie, ”Beginning of Sorrow’ + more

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MON: Before Killswitch Engage, Howard Jones sang in what “spilled bodily fluid” band?

A. That’d be Blood Has Been Shed, whose last album was ‘Spirals’ in 2003, before both drummer Justin Foley and Howard Jones went on to Killswitch Engage in 2004. A few years later it seemed like there would be new music from the band. “We’re just trying to figure out what exactly it is that we’re going to do.,” said Jones in a 2009 interview with Metal Sucks, ” Blood Has Been Shed is just one of those things where none of us do it full time, barely part time.” It seems Jones would have time since he left Killswitch in 2012, but he’s been involved with Devil You Know and now Light the Torch, so I don’t think we should hold our breath.

TUE: Before playing bass in Thin Lizzie, he was the lead vocalist in The Black Eagles

A. We’re talking about Phil Lynott, “the son of Philomena Lynott, a white Irish Catholic and Cecil Parris from Brazil.” He went on to play with Skid Row (no, not that Skid Row [yet]), and Orphanage.

Lynott passed away on January 4th, 1986, at just 36 years of age.

WED: FIRST / LAST SONG: This LP from 1993 starts with ‘Beginning of Sorrow’ and ends with ‘Ignorant Deprivation’

A. That’s Suffocation’s ‘Breeding the Spawn,’ which guitarist Terrance Hobbs said is, “pretty much our worst-produced record ever” (read the 2009 interview here).

THU: What “Raging” guitarist first played with Bruce Springsteen back in 2008?

A.  “It was a surprising night,” recalls Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello in a 2014 interview, “I rarely as a grown man get nervous before a performance. I’m often excited, but I rarely get nervous, and I was really nervous.”


A. That song is ‘Antihero’ by God Forbid, from their 2004 abum ‘Gone Forever.’

“George Bush,” exclaimed guitarist “Doc” Coyle when explaining the song in an interview with Metal Rules, “that song is about the whole war situation and how much hate we have for our current president-A LOT!! We’re just waiting for the next election so we can get him out of office. I think most people realize that he’s a really bad president who shouldn’t even be in office because he wasn’t even elected, but that’s another story (laughs).”

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