Metal Trivia Answers: Jesus Piece, Aborted + more

HI, metal friend.

Instead of looking for new platforms to keep up with 1000 friends, consider the opposite. #MetalBandcampgiftclub started on Twitter, but most of the conversation has moved to its own Slack channel.

Our conversations on Twitter and Facebook are like trying to talk on a busy street, where any passer-by can butt in. We’re shouting in the middle of busy intersections, surrounded by flashing neon lights and people handing us flyers every other minute.

The photo above was shared with a few friends via Messenger and now here, with you. It’s a small glimpse of last Sunday, at my favorite coffee shop in town. The cuteness of the photo won’t be validated in likes, but rather the conversations I had with a few friends.

Perhaps a new social media app isn’t what we need. Maybe it’s more good times with the people we already text, or DM. I believe that if we build upon our existing connections we’ll gain more than any flavor-of-the-week app download can ever provide.

– Seth

PS. Vero is shady as shit.


MON: There’s a bumper sticker that “Know Jesus, Know Peace,” but name the band from Philadelphia that signed to Southern Lord Records in 2017.
A. That’s Jesus Piece. (Bandcamp) Oh, and here’s Kayla Phillips (from the question below) singing with them recently (Twitter).


Roses are red,

So why don’t you fight us?

Kayla Phillips latest band is called

Pulsatile _________

A. That’s Pulsatile Tinnitus. (Bandcamp)

WED: FIRST / LAST SONG: This 2014 album starts with ‘Six Feet of Foreplay’ and ends with ‘Cenobites’
A. Aborted, ‘The Necrotic Manifesto’ (YouTube)

THU: METAL AND A MOVIE: ‘Raiders of the Lost (band that released their first LP ‘Freak’ in 2017)’
A. Tetrarch (YouTube)

FRI: Listen here to MOMENT OF METAL #269 – listen here
A. That’s ‘Rags’ by Primitive Man, from their 2013 album ‘Scorn’ (Bandcamp)

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