Metal Trivia Answers: Slayer, Sikth, Skindred + More

Hi metal friend – here are the answers to the metal trivia questions I posted to Twitter and Instagram for the week of January 29th, 2018.

MON: Which of the “Big Four” recently announced their final world tour?

A. That’d be Slayer, who according to guitarist Gary Holt, who has been filling in for Jeff Hanneman since 2011, told The Metal Voice last week that Slayer won’t be releasing any more albums.

Also: Tom Araya said in a late 2017 interview with Loudwire that there were pending legal issues that were keeping Slayer from “moving forward,” and that some of those loose ends popped up around the time of Jeff Hanneman’s death. Hmmm.

TUE:  Formed 30 years ago, this band from Buffalo NY released ‘Eaten Back to Life’ in 1990

A. Jacob seemed to think this was “softball” question, but not everyone knows that it’s Cannibal Corpse (though a lot of you did on Twitter, of course)! And not everyone knows they’re from Buffalo, either! “It’s funny because even before we moved to Tampa, a bunch of people thought we were originally from Florida,” said bassist Alex Webster in an interview with Loudwire, “because so many death metal bands started there and we were already recording there.”

WED: FIRST / LAST SONG: This 2006 album starts with ‘Bland Street Bloom’ and ends with ‘As the Earth Spins Round’

A. That’s Sikth, ‘Death of a Dead Day’, came out on 6/6/06.

“To me, ‘Death Of A Dead Day’ was the hardest album I’ve ever made lyrically and vocally,” said vocalist and lyricist Mikee Goodman in a 2016 interview with TeamRock, “I wasn’t in a good place when writing – although I do remember the music I was given was the best I’d ever had the pleasure of writing to.”

THU: Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis played in what “dancing sitcom dad” band prior?

A.  That would be The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, who broke up in 2012 after releasing ‘Danza IIII The Alpha The Omega.’ This question originally mentioned Travis’ other band Glass Cloud, but most recently he joined Emmure in April of 2016 (thanks to Skull Toaster alum @kyle_unzicker for the knowledge).

“Ever since I was a little kid, that is all it has ever been, is music,” Travis in a 2017 interview with Empire Extreme, “As far as metal goes, I guess it was the most aggressive… You know like when you are a kid, you are a bad kid. You always want to break something, or throw something. You just want to be that rebellious person. The best way to get that out was with more aggressive types of music.”

Turns out Glass Cloud drummer Josh Miller joined Emmure, and bassist Phil Lockett of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravagazna.


A. I saw Dub War on Warped Tour back in 1995 or 1996. A few years later they broke up and vocalist  Benji Webbe went on to form Skindred. They released ‘Babylon’ in 2002, and it was re-released in 2004 on a new label. “The guy who signed the check and loved it got kicked out,” explained Webbe in a 2005 interview with Room Thirteen, “and the guy who don’t love it then sat in his seat. So they dropped us.”

The song used in this week’s MOMENT OF METAL was ‘Nobody,’ and it was a pretty popular song back in the day.

“I was pretty freaked out when they said ‘Nobody’ was doing really well because it’s the heaviest song on the album,” said Webbe, “When we was recording (producer) Howard Benson actually said, ‘This song’s never gonna do anything, so we’ll just record it.’ Radio stations snatched it up and it was getting requested ridiculous.” It was a Top 20 hit on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock charts, peaking at #14.

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