Metal Trivia Podcast #22

Hi friends, it’s true; I saw a fox recently! After a hard day of work stuff. Someday I hope to see them again.

Oh yeah, and music by Spotlights, some dope metal trivia (hint, hint; it’s Monday), and the answer to Friday’s metal trivia (that pesky moment of metal which is so gosh darn difficult). I hope you enjoy this podcast episode, and the rest of your Monday is awesome.

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Weekly Playlist #7

This is but a sampling of tunes I’ve enjoyed this week. I only got into Ghost from because of 2016’s ‘From the Pinnacle to the Pit,’ which I played non-stop when it first came out. Their new one called ‘Rats’ has the same effect on me. And that outro? PFFFT. Stoppit.

Pallbearer, YOB, and Dopethrone in the same week? That’s not even fair, and all the evidence you need against “there’s no good music these days.”
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Metal Trivia Podcast #20

It’s midweek and new music abounds! Also, there’s some metal trivia that you might not get today, and if you’re into the audio treats of my sweet voice in your ears. Check out new music from Wolvhammer and ASG without having to put up with toxic gossip from rando metal sites, and of course some sweet outro music from yesterday’s metal trivia. Enjoy!

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