RIP, 1992: ‘The Slings and Arrows of Faith No More’


Faith No More carried on without guitarist Jim Martin for awhile, but how did that come about?

Well, Martin talked about his unhappiness with the recording of ‘Angel Dust’ quite a bit, which led to a bit of tension. I’ve heard about that over the years, that Martin wasn’t too stoked on the new material, and he let it be known. In the press. In a time before Twitter.


This interview is from RIP Magazine, July 1992, written by Steffan Chirazi who is now the creative director and editor of Metallica’s So What! magazine. He was and still is a beast of a writer.

Rip Magazine, July 1992

Anyhow, Martin (who was “kinda” introduced to Faith No More by Cliff Burton) said in this interview that recording was an “unpleasant experience,” and accused bandmates of manipulation, among other things. He was eventually fired – supposedly by fax machine – in 1993.

Why was he out of the band? “Two words: Mike Patton,” said Martin in a 1996 interview with the SFGate, “when I joined the band, we were going to spread hatred and have fun. At some point we stopped doing both.”

Oddly enough, in an interview in Rolling Stone from 1990, it was Martin that lobbied to get Patton in the band.

In early 1989, with the music for The Real Thing already composed, the band was auditioning to replace Mosely when Mike Patton turned up at a Faith No More gig and presented Martin with a tape of his band, Mr. Bungle. Martin began pestering his band mates to call Patton for an audition. Shortly afterward, Patton was hired.

Welp, that’s one more issue (Rolling Stone, September 1990) I need to track down.

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