Metal Trivia Podcast #22

Hi friends, it’s true; I saw a fox recently! After a hard day of work stuff. Someday I hope to see them again.

Oh yeah, and music by Spotlights, some dope metal trivia (hint, hint; it’s Monday), and the answer to Friday’s metal trivia (that pesky moment of metal which is so gosh darn difficult). I hope you enjoy this podcast episode, and the rest of your Monday is awesome.

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Metal Trivia Answers: Guns N’ Roses, Watain, Hammerfall + more

Ahoy, metal friends. Here are the metal trivia answers to all the metal trivia questions I posted on Twitter and Instagram during the week of January 8th, 2018. I also send these out as an email every Saturday, so if you enjoy this post, be sure to sign up at the bottom of this email.

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